Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anniversary #4 (Part 4 - Photopass Review)

It only took us 5 trips to finally get around to pre-ordering a Photopass and we're not looking back!

What is Photopass?
  • Basically Disney stations photographers all over the parks to take your pictures. They give you a card with a code and you hand over the card to any photographer you see. Log onto your account and view your photos. They will gladly take a picture with your camera as well.
  • I highly recommend pre-ordering a CD before your trip for two reasons. One, you'll get a discount for ordering prior to the trip. Two, you have 90 days to change your mind and get a refund (although I don't see how you could possibly change your mind). 
  • It's FUN!

Why we like it:
  • It wasn't until I started this blog that I realized we only had 2, that's TWO pictures with both of us on our honeymoon. With Photopass, everyone gets to be in the picture together. 
  • The photographers take lots of pictures, including spontaneous shots upon meeting the characters.
  • Magic shots! Disney will photoshop in fun characters. Be sure to ask photographers for a Magic Shot. 
  • You get all your images on a CD, including bonus stock pictures from around the World. Because we had taken photopass photos during the MNSSHP event, they threw in some great shots that we couldn't capture of the parade and characters dressed up.
  • You can edit your images, create copies, add borders, get black/white/sepia copies as much as you want before you order the CD.
For the next trip, we will try out the PhotoPass Plus package, which includes photos from character meals and ride photos. What's your favorite PhotoPass shot?

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