Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yehaa Bob

If you're looking for some free entertainment outside of the parks, look no further than Yehaa Bob!  As we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter resort, we took a short boat ride (less than 10 minutes) to Port Orleans Riverside Resort to go see Bob play.

I'm glad we got there early as it was a Saturday night and I wanted to get a good seat - the bar filled up fast! And I have to say, Bob impressed me even before his show began. About 20 minutes prior to the show starting, he took time to visit each table (I counted roughly 20 tables) and get to know each person. He asked about names, hometowns and celebrations and, since he's played all over the country, was able to share stories about places he had played near your town.

I can't decide which part of Bob's show impressed me the most: 

  • the amazingly talented boogie-woogie piano playing with the literally rocking piano
  • the way he did all the parents a favor and wore out their kiddos by recruiting them to stand up, sit down, stomp their feet, sing along, hand jive, beat their chests while yelling like Tarzan, and parade around the bar in a conga line
  • how Yehaa Bob memorized everyone's name, hometown and celebration in the room. Not only did he kick off the show by introducing everyone in the audience, but he called on people by name throughout the whole night and even memorized late-comers while he was playing songs!
  • the way he got every person in the room to clap and sing along
  • the passion and joy you can see in Bob's face as he performs
  • the way Bob acts like the audience is the star of his show. Whereas most folks would ask to take a picture with Bob, Bob asks to get a picture with his audience and proudly posts hundreds of pictures on his stage

Here are a few videos to give you an idea. I apologize in advance about the poor sound quality from my cell phone (even on mute, the energy level shines through) and any shakiness (I couldn't help myself from dancing and toe-tapping!).

If you don't believe me about how much fun this was, just check out Yehaa Bob on Facebook to see his adoring fans.

As someone who visits Disney repeatedly, I am often asked the question about why we keep going back. I used to say it was the extraordinary customer service, but lately I've realized it's more than that. Disney goes out of their way to individualize experiences and make each guest feel special. I think Yehaa Bob's show completely encompasses the fun, the magic, the talent and the individual experience to make it a quintessential Disney experience.

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