Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anniversary #4 (Part 1 - MNSSHP)

By the time Anniversary #4 rolled around, we were practically professional Disney vacationers. Of course, what makes Disney magical is the element of surprise, so we made sure we planned lots of new experiences this trip. I will try to fit it all in, but there is SO MUCH to share!

Day 1
Although we typically arrive on a weekend, we flew in on a Thursday afternoon and the Magical Express line was delightfully short. We took the bus to POP Century, our favorite value resort. After dropping off the bags in the room, we consecrated our arrival with a tie-dyed cheesecake. 
When we returned to the room shortly thereafter, I found this surprise waiting for me - have I mentioned I married my Prince Charming?
Bracelet, sparkly pink rose and a love note.What a way to start a magical trip!!

If you've read previous blog posts, you know that we always visit Downtown Disney on arrival day. This time we thought we'd shake things up a bit...

 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP)

This is a holiday party at Magic Kingdom which requires a separate ticket for entry. With the hard ticket, party guests can enter the park at 4pm, even though the party doesn't technically start until 7pm. They give party guests wristbands and I was amazed at how quickly the Disney CMs cleared out park guests from earlier in the day. By 7:30 the crowd levels had dropped dramatically. 

One of my favorite things about this party is that all the villain characters come out and mingle with the guests. I'm not usually big on character meet and greets, but I loved it at the Halloween party because you don't have to wait in line and the villain interactions are far more entertaining to me. 
  • When we met Gaston, I thought I would stroke his ego by commenting "My, your muscles are so LARGE!". He turned to Bill and said, "You've got yourself a keeper!".
  • When we told Jafar that it was our anniversary, he twirled his finger in the air as if to say "Big Whoop". Halloween music played throughout the park and he just glared as I danced along to Thriller. Oh, that grumpy, evil magician!

Other MNSSHP highlights....
  • The parade was great. The headless horseman majestically led up the beginning of the celebration. It was fun to see the villains get to take the stage along with the "good" characters dressing up in costumes. Another memorable moment was when the 2 evil stepsisters stood right behind us and watched the parade with us. 
  • The music and show at the castle were fabulous. I bought the Boo to You soundtrack and listen to it year round. The fireworks show was great, too. I love the ghosts projections on the castle.
  • Adults get to trick or treat! 
Since our anniversary is in October, I foresee enjoying this party for many years to come. Boo to YOU!

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